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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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and if you snap a photo from the storm over the weekend we want to see it. share them on the facebook page if on instagram or tweet them
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and be sure to use the hashtag tvu. download the free ktvu weather app as well. it's definitely come in handy for me. find live radar up to the minute forecasts and just seven for the ktvu app in the app store. the race for the white house is entering a new phase with the critical stretch of primaries caucuses and debates and town halls on the horizon. and it's all in the next week. reporter kristin fisher live in washington, d.c. this morning with the latest. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning brian. well there were no knockout punches during last night's democratic debate but things got very heated between the two candidates as they sparred. >> i mean her -- >> reporter: sanders and clinton squared off in michigan a state that benefited big from the auto bailout. >> he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big
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difference. >> well -- if you are talking about the wall street bailout -- where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> excuse me i'm talking. >> reporter: over the weekend sanders picked up wins in kansas, maine and nebraska but clinton took louisiana and still has a commanding lead in terms of delegates. rubio scored the second win of the primary season in puerto rico. >> if an open primary, where anyone can vote, not just republicans, democrats and independents i got over 70% of the vote. not because i became less conservative. but because i took our conservative principles to people who are living the way i grew up. >> reporter: but rubio still way behind in term os delegates after -- terms of delegates. trump has 384 delegates and cruz took kansas and maine bringing his total to 300. but rubio only has 151 and
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kasich has even less. 37. trump and cruz say it's now time for a two man race. trump said on sunday he thinks it's time for rubio and kasich to drop out -- >> reporter: and the race will get even more interesting tomorrow when four more states hold their primaries or caucuses, hawaii, idaho, michigan and mississippi. brian? >> all right kristin fisher reporting live from dc, thank you. arnold schwarzenegger took to snap chat to make his endorsement for the republican presidential nominee. >> i want john kasich to be the next nominee of the republicans and also to be the next president of the united states. here he is. >> thank you arnold. love you man. >> that's an interesting way to do things now. schwarzenegger and kasich are longtime friends and the former california governor campaigned with kasich over the weekend in kasich's home state of ohio. we are now getting an idea of the impact a new law that automatically register people to vote when they apply for a
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driver's license. now oregon is the first state to implement that law. and in the first six days of this year, more than 4300 people were registered to vote. that compares to an average of 2,000 per month before the new law. california is the only other state so far to approve similar legislation. the department of moe very vehicles still -- motor vehicles still working out the way. a bold robbery at a gun store in the north bay. the more of the surveillance video and police are hoping that will lead them to a suspect in the case. >> she is known for her dignity and grace and loyalty to her husband. up next how the world is paying tribute to former first lady nancy reagan this morning. >> this morning, we have a commute where traffic is going to be affected by the wet weather but so far so good on the san mateo bridge. >> strong thunderstorms over
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santa cruz right now. there it is. coo barge more coming up a-- kaboom, more coming up along the coast today.
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welcome back everybody. if you're about to head out the door morning, get ready for -- this morning, get ready for wet roads. i have to say that phrase slow, so you might as well take it slow on roads as well. you probably heard the rain and wind overnight and steve paulson will join us in a little bit with more on how long the rain is expected to
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stick around. also developing story out of pakistan this morning where a suicide bomber set off his explosives at a courthouse killing at least ten people. police say the suicide bomber intended to enter the courthouse when guards stopped him. that's when he set off the explosives. the pakistani ball tan claims responsibility for the attack. -- taliban claims responsibility for the attack saying it was revenge last week for the hanging of a taliban militant who was convicted of killing a liberal politician. currently the laws mandate death for insulting islam. well, people are reacting to the death of former first lady nancy reagan the wife of former president ronald reagan. this, as final preparations are made for her burial in southern california. kelly wright has the look back at her life. >> the nation is remembering the life of former first lady nancy reagan today after she passed away sunday at the age of 94. due to congestive heart failure. a moment of silence was held at
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the democratic presidential debate last night in her honor. republican candidates also reacting to the news on the campaign trail. >> in 2011, i was invited to speak at the reagan library, we had a chance to have dinner with her and it was an extraordinary experience. >> reporter: she met her husband the late president ronald reagan while working as an actress in hollywood. reagan's biographer lou cannon interviewed the former first lady and wrote her obituary for the "new york times." >> a terrific person to be around and a great sense of loss, i really do and i'm -- surprised at that. but i -- you know, i think the world was a more interesting place with nancy reagan in it. >> reporter: many americans are now remembering her as a great first lady to ronald reagan. >> i remember that she was a great support structure for ronald reagan. she was a classy, classy lady and conducted herself in a way that everybody could be proud of. >> reporter: but mrs. reagan
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wasn't just supportive of her husband's presidency. they were also known to be deeply in love. >> at least now she gets to be with ronald. they can be together again. >> reporter: her funeral arrangements haven't yet been finalized but she will be buried next to her husband in seamy valley, california. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama released a statement saying quote here -- and california governor jerry brown says nancy reagan lived a remarkable life and will be remembered for her strength and grace on behalf of all californians and ann and i extend our deepest condolences to the reagan family. >> made quite an impression on a lot of people around the
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world. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. >> hello there pam. excuse me. >> you all right there sal? >> uh-huh. >> uh-oh. >> i was eating something. >> oh, we caught you. [ laughter ] >> well -- i thought that that -- nancy reagan tribute was going to go on just a little longer but i do remember the reagans. because i'm old enough. good morning everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is actually moving along okay. if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. a stalled truck westbound right before one of the right hand toll lanes. cal trans is with it. it's not becausing -- causing a big delay. but also looking at the commute here on interstate 880, the traffic there looks pretty good. with no major issues as you drive through. and southbound 101, as you drive between novato and san
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rafael. it's a nice looking drive. but again, the wet weather is going play a role and this morning's commute and for more on that, let's go to steve. it is indeed sal. no doubt about it. some areas may not get much rain and others could have some pretty intense thunderstorms as is going through the santa cruz area and cap toe la right now. right there. now that lightning strikes about 10, 15 minutes old but some intense rain also back into the santa cruz mountains on the peninsula and also in the east bay. there are some thunderstorms embedded with that. sunnyvale. palo alto, rather intense pouring and also right over towards concord and lafayette and back over to livermore. so we're not done yet here. this system has to rotate through and the low is going to skirt right along the coast right there. so this may be one where if you're on the coast or around the bay you have a better opportunity of getting more thunderstorms than say inland but everybody is in the mix there. cooler air spilled in. we talked about that friday. pretty mild on friday. now it's much cooler.
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32 on truckee. 46, 49, 49, yucaipa, sacramento and also monterey. by tonight and tomorrow it will be far enough south that we'll be on the drier side but for today, we'll keep an active storm pattern going not only today but it looks like a return on wednesday for the north bay. then for everybody by thursday, friday we should have a break though tuesday i think into parts of wednesday. so tough little tricky setup maybe raining in the north bay by midweek but not een else. -- everywhere else. 50s and 60s on the temps they are now below normal. and been longtime since we've side that. but it's going to stick around for a while and a break tuesday and now maybe one temperature situations again -- one of the situations again wednesday, thursday it's rain in the north bay and rain for everybody again over the weekend. >> wow okay. >> quite the show over the weekend. >> saturday was good. >> sideways rain and i mean we haven't seen that in a while. >> no we have not. >> quite a storm.
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>> big storm. >> correct. >> yeah. and same for the weekend will it be less? >> it looks like it. sunday yes. >> batten down. okay. >> all the way out the about the 21st. >> wow okay. >> miracle march is here. >> miracle march is here. i believe it now. >> we need it. >> and the sierra, how about that? >> oh my gosh, yeah. i wish i was kind of stuck up there right now. >> i know we have to go but coop up at kirkwood was on the weather channel yesterday. >> was he? >> oh he is, nice. all right thank you steve. 4:49 is the time right now. police in petaluma are hoping surveillance video will help them find four men who pulled off a burglary at a gun store. now investigators say they crashed their 1990s honda accord through the entrance look at this. of independence armory on lakeville street about 7:30 saturday morning. this is the store's camera that caught this. the men coming in and stealing several guns and then they drove off again in the car. the car is described again as a honda accord mostly light green with the white colored driver's
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side door. police are also looking for two people who robbed someone at knife point over the weekend. that happened saturday afternoon at the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. the victim says a black woman in her late teens or early 2s pulled out a six inch long knife and demanded money and a second suspect also participated a man in his early 20s. he was wearing a baseball cap with a gray bill at the time. they got away with $700 and took off in a nissan altima or maxima with a dented right side. time now 4:20. and another sexual assault near the uc berkeley campus is under investigation. the latest one was reported just after midnight on saturday morning. berkeley police say a man approached a 21-year-old woman from behind walking on aetna street near delight way. he pushed her to the ground and then assaulted her. he's described as latino in his
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mid 20s or early 30s and wearing a hooded sweatshirt and unshaven. police released is this photo of the man running away from the scene in an earlier sexual assault last month. they say they believe saturday's incident is linked to the other assaults in the area. 4:21 is the time. well, the warriors were hit with a loss number six. >> not good. >> on the season. it was a rough one. up next we're going to tell you how losing to the lakers actually made nba history.
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welcome back everybody. well, the warriors are back home at oracle arena tonight. thank goodness. >> yeah. >> after losing just their sixth game of the season. the lakers, yeah the lakers, they beat them yesterday 112- 95. and it was the biggest regular season upset in nba history according to espn. that's because the two teams had a .727 difference in win percentage. >> tonight -- just wasn't our night. and the big thing for us is how we respond. >> well, the warriors are still ahead of the pace set by the '95/'96 bulls hen they won a -- when they won a record 71 games in a season. they host the magic tonight and have a chance to break the bulls' record for consecutive home wins at 45 games. it's official. denver broncos' quarterback peyton manning is retiring after 18 seasons in the nfl. the team has planned a news conference for later this morning.
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the announcement comes one month after the broncos won super bowl 50 here at levi's stadium. were going to give -- before going to denver in 2012. he was with the indianapolis colts. fans there will also remember for manning for what he did on and off the field. >> it's kind of sad to see him go because who knows when somebody like is going to achieve what he did? >> he went out on a high note. it was great. >> manning retires as the nfl's all-time career touchdown passes and passing yards leader and also the only quarterback in nfl history to lead two teams to a super bowl victory. pretty exciting event -- exciting event in monterey. a sea otter seek shelter and give birth on a rock at the tide pool over the weekend at the aquarium. it happened right in front of a crowd of onlookers. >> oh wow. >> incredible. the mom and her pup were still at the aquarium yesterday and
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look at that. just pulled her baby right out of there. now they're resting up. that is incredible. >> i know. >> and they got it on video. >> they cuddle for a little bit. that's the cutest thing. the aquarium spokesperson says this is the second time since december that a wild sea otter has used the tide pool as a birthing center. certainly a very safe -- >> yes. >> little protected place in there. but what an incredible sight. >> very cute. yeah. well, man's best friend has met his match in the form of a robot. take a look at this video. that's creepy looking. >> kind of is. >> right? look at the dog. i can't believe the dog went up to that. this is in a parking lot in palo alto and you can see the dog doesn't know what to do exactly. the robot appears to mimic its movementings. the dog's -- movements, the dog's owner is the co-founder of an incubator and creator of the robot.
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little playful. i'm not sure what their goal is. we'll have to look it up. that's so -- they want to do but it's headless, it can use a head right. >> some other things but i mean still pretty incredible technology. >> that's a brave little dog. i think mine would run and hide. uber a fighting back on an investigation that under thousands of reports of sexual assaults and rapes involving the ride share company. coming up the reason uber says the report is misleading at best. >> reporter: plus it's a wet morning around much of the bay area as another round of rain moves through the bay area. we will tell you about the slick conditions you will face as you head out the door. >> good morning, we're looking at a commute where it's -- okay out there so far. but it's going to be a tough one i think because of the wet weather. we'll be back with another traffic update. . >> a widespread rain is moving off but there's some isolated thunderstorms, good morning santa cruz, cap toe la. right there, we'll have more coming up.
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